Having a Hanukkah Party? 3 Easy Ways to ‘Dreidel Accessibly’ for Guests of all Abilities


Dreidels, latkes, doughnuts, candles and songs – there’s so much to love about the Jewish Festival of Lights. Here are three easy ways you can make your Hanukkah party inclusive for all kids (and adults) and all abilities:


disabled playing with dreidel

1. Get the Dreidel App:

Dreidelit is an App that simulates a dreidel, so that kids with disabilities may still share in the fun! Just touch the screen to start the dreidel and touch it again to see where it lands.


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Dreidelit was created to help people with disabilities play dreidel with their friends and family! This simple app lets you customize your experience with different colors and background. Great for any Hanukkah party!

PRO TIP: Pair it with a stylus and an EazyHold to make phone tapping even easier.

2. Adaptive Utensils and Dishes:

Make sure everyone can enjoy those latkes and sufganiyot. Adaptive cutlery and dishes can be an affordable and effective way to include your disabled guests. Here are a few good options:


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For those with a limited ROM, the aluminum wing nuts adjust the utensils to a desired angle. The position is then help securely. The extension portion of the handle is 10″ long.


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The Sure Hand Bendable Utensils are designed with large, soft, and comfortable handles to assist individuals with grasping difficulties to make mealtimes more enjoyable when self-feeding.

Find more eating utensils using evika's search tool!

PRO TIP: A set of EazyHold grips can also work with standard cutlery as well as toys or cups. Really anything that your guest might need to grip – a set also doubles as a great Hanukkah gift for them to take home afterwards.


3. Push-button Menorah:

Include everyone in the joy of lighting the candles while gathered around the menorah and singing Hanukkah songs. There are a couple of options to create an accessible experience for your disabled guests:


A Push-to-light Menorah is an easy way to create an accessible family experience. Lighting the menorah can be done by anyone who can push a button. There are many electric Push-to-light Menorahs available on Amazon, here are some quick links:

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Depending on your guest’s abilities, you may also be able to repurpose that EazyHold to hold the Shamash and light the other candles.


Chag Sameach from all of us at evika and thank you for your efforts to ‘Dreidel Accessibly’ this Hanukkah!

How can evika help you?

evika is an educational platform. We don’t sell anything!

We provide information that can help people with disabilities make decisions about what technology can help with their specific needs.

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