evika celebrates World Cancer Day


Spread the word, today is World Cancer Day!

World Cancer Day is an initiative started in 2000 by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and integrate cancer control into the world health and development agenda. This year’s theme is:

I am and I will.

The campaign is rooted in the belief that together, all our actions matter and that whoever you are, your actions – big and small – will make lasting, positive change toward a cancer-free world. Cancer touches everyone in society; in Canada alone over 200 thousand Canadians were diagnosed with cancer last year. With that number expected to climb year over year, it is important that we act now to raise awareness of preventable cancers, and to ensure those living with cancer are supported in what they want and need to do. At evika.io we aim to empower those living with disabilities, including those resulting from cancer, to live more independent and enjoyable lives by providing access to comprehensive information on the devices that allow them to participate in the activities that make life worth living. We appreciate that our impact at evika.io goes beyond simply helping people participate in meaningful activities as this not only increases quality of life, but can be protective against various forms of preventable cancers. Similarly, we challenge ourselves to create content that educates, empowers and enlightens the disability community, and to align ourselves with organizations and campaigns that do the same, like the UICC and World Cancer Day.


We are evika and we will act by empowering people to engage in meaningful (and cancer risk-reducing) activities.

This World Cancer Day, the UICC challenges each and every one of us to take time, to reduce our own cancer risk and the impact cancer has on the people we love, our communities and the world. They have compiled a list of ways to take action today, and every day. It can be as major as writing to your local politicians to advocate for better cancer care support in your community, as simple as talking to your friends and family about wearing sunscreen, or as private as educating yourself on cancer. You can also check out our recent article on how to create supports for people with invisible disabilities to learn about how you can support people living with cancer and/or undergoing cancer treatment who often experience this type of disability. Whatever you choose to do, know that even the simplest action helps to create lasting, positive change toward a cancer-free world.

Happy World Cancer Day!

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