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REV1 Wheels




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Unique, ‘row wheel’ performance takes the strain out of self-propulsion while increasing your velocity.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Product Category:Propulsion whl excludes tire
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Full Description

The new REV1 Wheels by RoWheels feature a unique, ‘row wheel’ construction packed into a sleek, high-end design. The pull-back propulsion combined with the counter-motion construction ensure reduced strain and repetitive injuries, increased velocity without the higher stroke count and increased posture and muscle engagement.
What Makes It Different
The REV1 Wheels’ design allows the user to pull the wheels to propel forward, unlike typical wheelchair wheels. This ‘row wheel’ construction alleviates the strain that a typical wheelchair user would experience in their chair, such as the impact to your wrists, shoulders, elbows and repetitive stress injuries that can occur from daily use in your wheelchair. The pull-based REV1 Wheel design engages a larger muscle group, which helps build the proper endurance; ensuring those repetitive stress injuries do not occur in a high frequency.
The REV1 Wheels feature four tires: the Schwalbe RightRun tires, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, Kenda Nevegal tires, and SHOX Solid Wheelchair Tires. The RightRun tires come with a puncture protection layer, hand-friendly 2Grip side walls, and a non-marking tread center. The Marathon Plus tires are puncture-proof pneumatic tires that feature improved rolling resistance and hand-friendly 2Grip side walls. The SHOW Solid Wheelchair Tires have an airless construction that is equivalent to 110psi, alleviating your worry of punctures and tire damage. The Kenda Nevegal is the optimal tire for an assortment of ever-changing terrain. It is highly adaptable and excels under various conditions.
Why We Like It
The unique, muscle-building design of the REV1 Wheels helps reduce the energy you exert while on the go by reducing your stroke count and increasing the responsiveness to your turns, braking and speed. This increase in responsiveness uses a counter-motion construction, where the handrims push into the wheels, providing a quicker response when making tight turns or braking. The counter-motion greatly reduces and eliminates the gripping force you use with a typical wheelchair wheel. The pull-back method of propulsion helps maintain better posture while in your wheelchair, which adds to the overall alleviation of stress and injury.
The REV1 Wheels put high-end features into a stylish, streamlined design. The futuristic look of the REV1 Wheels, with your choice of black or red accents, is sure to make you stand out.

* If you do not see your chair listed in the options, call one of our Wheelchair Experts at 1-800-850-0335, ext. 2, and they will be happy to assist you.

– Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
– Pull-back design reduces strain and increases performance
– Wheels available in 22″, 24″, 25″ and 26″ sizes
– Your choice of four tires


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