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The coolest way to power up your chair


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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RGK Wheelchairs
Founded in 1988, they manufacture sports & daily made-to-measure wheelchairs. Every chair is unique to suit the requirements & individuality of its user. The highest quality materials are used to offer the lightest chairs on the market. The team of mobility advisors can take you through the assessment process to create your perfect chair.
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Full Description

There’s nothing much cooler than an add on with a serious punch. The Triride is small, compact and incredibly powerful. Attaching to the front of your frame by simple clamps, it is compatible with most models of wheelchairs.
Let it power you through the mountains, around the city, meander the shopping mall or just as a power assist at work – where is your Triride going to take you?

Newfound freedom
Triride is versatile, lightweight and innovative. Rough terrain and slopes are easily overcome. Triride knows no obstacles.

Always with you
Compact, simple and quick to add and remove, you can store it in the boot and pop it on and off as required.

Tetraplegic controls
The Triride is the perfect solution for people who have impaired hand function or strength due to the elongated handlebars wrapping around the wrists, holding the hands in place. The small throttle buttons and levers are replaced with larger hand controls that allow the user to push with their palm rather than relying on their fingers and thumbs. Altering between forwards and reverse is also made easier by the flick of a switch. These controls are available on all models.

Technical specifications
– Weight is approx. 9 kilos
– Lithium battery without memory effect has a long life
– Charges in about 4 hours.
– Various clamps to most model of wheelchair


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