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What is evika.io?

evika is an online educational tool that helps people living with disabilities – and those who care for them – to live more independent and enjoyable lives.

We provide an exhaustive database of assistive technology alongside user reviews and clinical guides from trained professionals. All of these resources are provided at no cost to help simplify your journey.

Find and learn about assistive devices that are appropriate for your individual needs and empower yourself to be a more active part of the conversation.

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Who can benefit from using evika.io?

Assistive Technology for Mental Disability

Users and Caregivers

Too often, patients and caregivers take a passive role in the selection of assistive devices – unaware of alternatives and vulnerable to the biases that may lead prescribers and manufacturers to overlook certain options.

evika aims to empower patients and caregivers to be active participants in selecting the best equipment for the clients’ needs by providing access to comprehensive information on a wealth of devices.

Prescribing Assistive Technology


Clinicians rarely have time to keep up with the dizzying world of assistive technologies. They are often left to rely on vendors for information about what is available to them and their clients. As a result, product prescription can become limited to the offerings of specific vendors. evika aims to help prescribers achieve higher quality of life for their clients by quickly finding new, innovative products that are more personalized to their clients’ needs.

Manufacturers of Assistive Technology


evika offers manufacturers an objective platform to engage and educate patients about their products in a structured and unbiased manner. If you’d like more information about how evika can help you engage with your users, please contact us directly at info@evika.io.

Here’s What You’ll Learn About Assistive Technology

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