10 Absolutely Amusing Activities for Wheelchair Users


There are about 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States. Because of this, there have been more wheelchair accessible places and activities than ever. If you or someone you know is in a wheelchair, there are still activities that can be enjoyed.

Read on to learn about 10 amazing activities for wheelchair users.

1. Bowling

Wheelchair users can get involved in sports too. Whether it is playing basketball with other wheelchair users or going bowling with friends and family.

Bowling is one of those wheelchairs activities you don’t always think of. However, bowling is accessible to people in a wheelchair. Bowling is a great activity to do with friends or can even be a fun date idea. Some bowling alleys even offer ramps to make things easier for those with limited mobility. You can also bring your ramp as they are usually pretty affordable.

2. Shows

There are a lot of shows that make for great activities for disabled adults in wheelchairs. Teenagers in wheelchairs can also have a good time at a show.

Concerts and plays are great options for those in a wheelchair. Arenas and venues have handicap areas you can enjoy.

Your favorite artist is coming to town and you don’t have to miss it. Wheelchair users can often enjoy great seats being in the handicap section. Who said there were no benefits of being in a chair? If there are no artists in town that spark your interest, you could always try seeing a play. A lot of cities offer local plays that can be just as entertaining.

3. Wine Tour

One of the best activities for wheelchair users is going on a winery tour. That is, of course, if you love wine and are of age! There are no restrictions on doing a winery tour, except for needing to have a love for wine. Restaurants that offer a winery tour also provide a great experience. These guided tours are almost always wheelchair friendly.

4. Art Museum

Going to an art museum can be a relaxing thing to do on your own or a fun thing to do with friends. Either way you choose to do it, wheelchair users are always welcome.

This stimulating activity can be done almost anywhere as most cities have art museums. You can enjoy this activity on any day, whether there is rain or shine.

Some areas often have art trails every once in a while. These galleries are usually set up outside for anyone to stroll through, even those who are bound to a wheelchair.

You can make getting around easier using the Companion Wheelchair Power Assist. It easily fits onto any rigid or folding wheelchair to turn your manual wheelchair into a power chair, making long distances much easier. It’s perfect for tight spaces, so it will make your museum visit much more relaxing and fun. Make sure you don’t drive drunk though! No driving after the wine tour :p

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5. Nature Trails

Even hiking trails can be wheelchair accessible. A lot of areas across the world can be enjoyed by those in a wheelchair. You can enjoy the outdoors just like everyone else.

State and national parks have sites that can tell you what trails are accessible for people in wheelchairs. You can easily plan a fun outing this way when the weather is too nice to stay indoors.

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6. Mazes

There are more outdoor activities wheelchair users can enjoy than going on nature walks. You can try something a little more challenging like an outdoor maze.

This is an out of the box activity that most people don’t think about. Usually, this activity is seasonal, so check for when a maze will come to your town.

This chance to spend outdoors is accompanied by a safe and controlled area where people in a wheelchair can still feel comfortable. Mazes are easy to navigate through in a wheelchair. Not only do you get to spend time outdoors, but you also get to try a fun mental exercise. Mazes can also be a great way to meet new people. If you run into someone inside the maze, you can help each other make your way out. You can take your friends along to see who can make it out first. If you’re using a manual wheelchair, make sure to get some gloves. Some straw mazes may give you cuts, so full-fingered gloves may be your best option.

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These bike gloves are used by some manual wheelchair users. They are comfortable with stretchy breathable mesh and well positioned padding.

7. Skydiving

Yes, you read that right. Skydiving can be a great activity for daredevils who want to get out of their wheelchair to do something. It’s important to keep in mind that not every skydiving company can work with people with mobility issues. Do some research and call ahead to find out if you can go skydiving.


8. Fishing

If you have a lot of patience and want to do something outdoors, try fishing! You can fish right off of a dock or get on a boat that is wheelchair accessible. Charter companies often know how to accommodate those in a wheelchair so you could rent a fishing boat.

Fishing can be a peaceful activity you can do on your own or you could turn it into a friendly competition with your friends. If your date loves the outdoors, fishing may be a fun thing to do with them too.


9. Billiards

Playing billiards is often thought of as a sport. Luckily, it is one sport that people in a wheelchair can participate in. It is known as a sport that almost anyone can play regardless of their physical ability.

Wheelchair users may even have an advantage when it comes to billiards. Because you are sitting in a chair, you are eye level with the table. You can often find certain equipment that will work better for you if you are in a wheelchair, like special cues.


10. Dancing

Even those in a wheelchair can enjoy a good dance party. That’s right, some organizations offer classes for people in wheelchairs. You can learn all types of dancing such as ballroom, Latin dance, and more. If there are no classes in your area, you can always learn with online classes. Try it with your friends or surprise your significant other with sweet moves.


Try Activities for Wheelchair Users!

Wheelchair users don’t have to sit back and watch everyone else enjoy life. There are plenty of great activities for wheelchair users to do. Try something new the next time you are looking for something fun to do!

Wheelchair users can enjoy more than they think. Check out our resources to find out more.

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