20% Discount on the HandiCup Wheelchair Cup Holder


Working together with Chris from HandiHelp, we’ve secured a limited time deal for a 20% discount on the HandiCup.

We had the pleasure to meet Chris in person just before the pandemic started, and loved his enthusiasm and drive! We’re inspired by his story, and we’re happy he chose to share it with us. We made a video to showcase his work as an offer of thanks for his efforts in the community. As a thank-you back, he has provided us with a very generous coupon code, so be sure to use it!


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HandiCup™️ is a wheelchair cup holder attachment that works for people with full or limited hand function, so that they can successfully and independently access a beverage on the go!

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We provide information that can help people with disabilities make decisions about what technology can help with their specific needs.

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