7 Ways to Reduce the Price of a Wheelchair


For those who need them, wheelchairs are an essential but expensive part of daily life and the last thing you’d ever want is to compromise your happiness because you can’t afford the right one.

Luckily, there are several discounts, rebates, and programs across the US that will offset or even eliminate the cost all together. You shouldn’t have to choose between your finances and your quality of life. So here are some ways to help you buy your dream chair:


1. Check Out Your Medicare Wheelchair Coverage

These chairs help you take care of your medical needs and will improve your quality of life. Because of this, you should look into Federal programs that will help you out.

Check into Medicare benefits to see how much of your wheelchair cost you can offset. You are entitled to benefits under the government’s Medicare Part B program. Under this program, you’re entitled to coverage that will pay for a manual wheelchair or a power-operated vehicle. These purchases are covered under the durable medical equipment (DME) category.

If you already receive Medicare, you will need to check with an agent to see about adding these benefits. If you don’t, you can go to the Medicare website to apply for coverage and opt for the Part B program.

It’s important to check out the eligibility requirements to make certain that you move forward with the application process without setbacks.


2. Look Into Wheelchair Grants

There are a number of grants available to people who use wheelchairs. Start by checking with your state to see if they provide grants to people who need manual wheelchairs.

Several businesses and organizations also give out a certain number of grants each year to those who need them. Since these grants book up quickly, you’ll need to put in applications early so that you can get approved. Take time out to satisfy all the requirements of the grant so that your application doesn’t stall, and to make sure you’re approved for the full amount that you need.


3. Shop Around for the Most Reasonable Wheelchair Price

When you do research of your own you stand a greater chance of finding an affordable price. There are several companies that sell wheelchairs of all different types and models, so always test the market to make certain that you find the most affordable options.

Check around for new, used, and refurbished wheelchairs and get to know the best brands available. Figure out whether you’re able to pay cash or if you want to look into financing options that will help you get whatever model is best for your needs.


4. Research Non-Profit Organizations That Help People Afford Their Wheelchairs

The world is a better place when people who need wheelchairs have access to them. As such, there are several non-profits that bridge this gap and help people to get affordable wheelchairs.

Start reaching out to some non-profit organizations to see how you can apply for their program. They can offer stipends, discounted wheelchairs, and free wheelchairs for people who need them.


5. Assess Whether You Have Veterans Benefits

If you’re military or retired military, you definitely should check into the office of Veteran Affairs (VA) to take advantage of your benefits when you’re buying a new wheelchair.

Not only will the VA pay for a wheelchair when you have an applicable disability, but they’ll also help to make adaptive upgrades to your vehicle so that you can get around. This includes lifts and driving modifications that will keep your vehicle street legal and make it easier for you to get around.

Check to see if they can also offer you benefits that will let you get a ramp installed in your home or any other kinds of modifications that will make life easier for you.


6. Consider Tax Breaks

There are certain tax breaks you can take advantage of that will offset the cost of your wheelchair. Check with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year to see what kind of deductions they have in place for people who need wheelchairs and disability modifications. This way, you’ll be able to note these deductions on your taxes each year so that you can keep some money in your pocket while getting the wheelchair that you need.


7. Find Out About Social Security Payouts

Finally, make sure that you also look into social security benefits through your state’s office. You can touch base with your state’s social security office to receive a payment that will bridge the gap for you.

Make sure that you can prove your disability so that your application is expedited. Touch base with your physician or other medical specialists to supplement your application with the evidence that you need.

File this application as early as possible so that you can start enjoying your benefits.

Get the Most Affordable Wheelchair for Your Needs When you’re looking into a wheelchair, it’s important to find a piece of equipment that doesn’t break the bank.

If you’re able to pay for a wheelchair without a problem, you’ll be able to get around with no problem. This improves your quality of life and can help you take care of your medical needs.

We have a wide variety of products that you’ll be able to use when you need help. Browse our site and check around to see what kinds of mobility products we offer to our customers.

Check back to learn more about the mobility chairs that we offer.

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