Get a Grip: 3 Multipurpose Grips that Can Keep Up With your Busy Schedule!


You have a busy day ahead, morning coffee with your daughter, lunch downtown, a quick meeting at the bank and then it’s off to paint night for 6. You fumble with the calendar as you flip to the next month, December already! It’s been six months since your stroke and while your grip may not be what it used to be, you still are! As you reach for your keys you glance at the assortment of adaptive devices building up in your purse. You’re either going to have to pare down your extracurriculars or invest in a larger bag; afterall, this growing collection ensures you hold tight to activities that make you, you. But what if we told you that you can keep your favourite purse and your full schedule. Read on for 3 innovative multipurpose grips that can be used to keep a multitude of activities well within your grasp!


1. EazyHold Grips


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EazyHold Therapist / Teacher Pack Soft silicone EazyHold daily living aids for Special Education Teachers and Occupational Therapists who would like a variety of sizes to fit many ages and abilities from infant to adult. This pack comes with 7 U cuffs for a wide range of activities. Perfect for schools, hospitals, therapy centers, and home use for a variety of daily living activities and recreation. (Best pack if you’re not sure what size fits you or your child’s hand.)

EazyHold’s patented design gives people of all ages the ability to hold onto tons of items with ease. Their straps are made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone and are hypoallergenic and latex-free! The grip assist comes in multiple sizes, allowing people to grip everything from writing utensils, to brooms and dustpans, tennis rackets to large coffee tumblers and more! With an EazyHold grip, there are no parts or materials between your hand and the object you’re holding. So unlike other grip aids, you get to feel the natural wood fibres of your grandfather’s old hammer, or the warm welcoming ceramic of your morning cup of tea.

2. Active Hands Small Gripping Aid


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The Small Item gripping aid is a new and exciting gripping aid from Active Hands. This aid allows you to hold small diameter items such as make-up, bathroom, art and office products.

Active Hands makes gripping aids that form tohold hands in a gripping shape, enabling users to hold tightly onto a variety of objects. Their unique cuff design can accommodate everything from hammers to kayak paddles, wii controllers to make-up brushes. Their small gripping aid is made of a 2 part system, a neoprene glove and velcro-on palm pad. The velcro palm pads can be pre-loaded allowing users to swap pads (and activities) easily and quickly. Unique to Active Hands design is the ability to attach objects at any angle, allowing users an added finesse when working with their hands. Active Hands small gripping aid is the perfect solution if you want to toggle effortlessly between your table top pen and ink sketch of the lake, and your dockside easel watercolour canvas.


3. Tactee Magnetic Grasping System


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The Tactee® system is a set of assistive devices designed to restore autonomy and independence in daily activities of people with mono or bilateral functional grasping deficits that aims to improve their quality of life.

Tactee is a patented system that involves the magnetic coupling between a wearable grasping element and various interchangeable tools. The system allows users to have a firm grip on objects without using their fingers. Its special design also has an easy release allowing users to easily swap out tools. The gripping element is ambidextrous, and adapted tools include a fork, spoon, cutting element, bottle/glass holder and a universal adapter. The universal adapter can be used for pens, razors, toothbrushes and almost any other small object or tool. So if your fingers aren’t what they used to be, but you want to flip between jotting down your brilliant ideas for the next great american novel and enjoying a tasty Cobb salad, Tactee is the system for you!

The activities people want and need to do are as diverse as the people who do them. But having a lot to do in a day doesn’t have to mean lugging around an endless amount of aids and devices. For more on these grips and other multipurpose assistive devices visit

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