How A Wheelchair Power Assist Can Improve Your Life


There are endless stories of individuals overcoming adversity to achieve inspirational feats. At the heart of many of these success stories is often a vital support; a person, place or thing that appears at just the right time. For someone living with a disability, the feat is often an activity of daily living and the support is often an assistive device. However, as technology advances so do the opportunities for those with disabilities to engage more broadly with the world around them.

People who use wheelchairs encounter barriers at almost every turn when interacting with their communities. While assistive devices can’t remove external barriers they can greatly improve the wheelchair user’s ability to navigate them. For individuals in manual wheelchairs, user fatigue, environmental hazards and injuries are often layered on top of already challenging situations. In this article we explore how a wheelchair power drive add-on can alleviate these issues, thereby increasing opportunities and improving the lives of manual wheelchair users.

How a Wheelchair Power Add-On can upgrade a manual wheelchair

People use manual wheelchairs for all sorts of reasons, but the reality is they are less expensive, more easily maneuvered in common urban buildings and more portable than power wheelchairs. While a power wheelchair may one day be needed for those with declining arm or upper body strength, a wheelchair power add-on such as the Cheelcare Companion can improve the function of all users and extend the time a person is able to stay in a manual chair.

The Cheelcare Companion converts a manual chair into a power chair by using a Quick-Release mechanism to attach a lightweight, easy to use, motor and steering column to the front of a manual chair. The Companion maintains the portability and maneuverability of a manual chair while offering the increased travel range, decreased exposure to environmental hazards and lower risk of injury, enjoyed by power chair users – and at a fraction of the cost.

Increased Personal Travel Range

For individuals in manual wheelchairs, user fatigue often adds to already challenging interactions and can limit where and how far they can go. A wheelchair power drive add-on reduces the amount of energy needed to operate a manual chair allowing the user to go further while redirecting their vital physical and mental energies to the tasks at hand.

Energy saved getting to places and maneuvering around spaces by an add-on like the Companion leaves individuals free to participate in more activities, and for longer periods of time. This might mean multiple stops while out shopping, visiting a park and stopping for coffee with a friend on the same afternoon, or simply travelling a longer distance at a faster pace. A wheelchair power drive add-on also eliminates the need for 10-point turns, making small spaces like elevators and public washrooms more accessible for manual wheelchair users.

Decreased exposure to environmental hazards

Manual wheelchairs require you to use your hands directly on the wheels which can result in dirty, wet or cold/hot hands (depending on the weather). While wearing special gloves can help keep your hands clean, dry and warm/cool, they can be equally challenging to clean and maintain. Within the context of a global pandemic, the importance (but also the challenges) of properly sanitizing and disinfecting your hands or gloves is even more pronounced. A wheelchair power assist device limits the need for your hands to come in contact with your wheelchair’s wheels, reducing your exposure to both germs and weather.

Lower risk of upper extremity injury

Unfortunately, injuries are commonplace when using manual wheelchairs. Stubbing your thumbs, burning/blistering your palms and fingers, hitting your elbows, and even breaking your nails can occur when maneuvering your wheels. Over time, manual wheelchair users can also experience shoulder, rotator cuff and general upper extremity joint deterioration. A wheelchair power drive add-on can reduce these types of injuries by keeping your hands away from moving parts of your chair and reducing the amount of stress and strain on your shoulders and upper extremities. Fewer injuries mean less time spent on the sidelines of life and more time spent making memories and achieving goals!

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