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Accessible Kitchen Systems




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Because cooking and eating is a fundamental need, it is important to provide people with reduced capability a safe and comfortable experience. By fitting a kitchen with ROPOX Accessible Kitchen Systems, kitchen falls and other kitchen-related injuries are prevented and independence is maximised without sacrificing style.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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People with disabilities deserve a better life with freedom to safely take care of themselves – and their carers need optimum working conditions so that they can spend their time where it is needed the most.
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HLS Healthcare
HLS Healthcare are the experts at providing healthcare equipment and furniture solutions designed to support hospital, aged care, changing places and home care residents in their daily living, while considering the safety and needs of personal carers.
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Flexible, accessible and user-friendly kitchens
A kitchen is one of the rooms we use most often during a day, and it is important that it is easy to use – even if you have reduced functional capacity. That is why we have developed solutions for the disability friendly kitchen that everyone can use.
In our kitchen product range, you will find solutions for upper wall cabinets, kitchen tables, and dining tables. All assistive technologies developed specifically for the elderly and disabled.

Flexibility, accessibility, and user-friendliness are some of the most important ingredients in a disability friendly kitchen. The flexibility ensures that the kitchen products are adjustable to fit the individual user’s needs. The accessibility makes it possible for everyone to use the kitchen and that there is plenty of legroom under the kitchen table. And the user-friendliness makes it easy to adjust and operate the different kitchen products.

ROPOX kitchen solutions possess all of these qualities – and they are furthermore made in quality materials matching modern homes.

Height adjustable upper wall cabinets for the disability friendly kitchen
When a kitchen is created for seniors or people with reduced physical capacity, special solutions are required. Amongst others, it may be necessary to use height adjustable upper wall cabinets to make it easier for the user to reach the cabinet contents.

In our range, you will find both upper cabinets that are height adjustable – either manually or electrically, and upper cabinets that are height adjustable and can move out from the wall to come closer to the user. There is also a solution where the cabinets itself stays in place, and only the shelves are height adjustable.

Kitchen and dining tables for people with mobility disabilities
There are often certain requirements for the kitchen table when a kitchen is to be used by people with mobility disabilities. That is the reason we have developed a solution where the kitchen worktop is mounted on a stable and height adjustable lifting system. That allows e.g. wheelchair users to adjust the table to the height they need in order to sit comfortably by the table.

The liting systems are available with either manual or electrical adjustment and it is also possible to choose stationary brackets where the height is adjusted in intervals of 42 mm. This solution is suitable in kitchens where you only need to adjust the height occasionally, e.g. in senior housings where the kitchen is adjusted when a new resident moves in.

You will also find an elegant, height adjustable table frame for the kitchen dining table where you get to choose what kind of tabletop should go on top. This way you can make sure, the dining table matches the rest of the kitchen interior.

ROPOX kitchen solutions have possibilities to secure the needed flexibility and accessibility that people with limited physical abilities need, but it does not mean that you compromise on the look of the kitchen. All of the sophisticated features are hidden so you can keep a gorgeous and stylish kitchen interior.


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