Air Seat Cushion Inflatable

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Air Seat Cushion Inflatable




Base Price


Inflatable, Orthopedic, Easy to carry, With Pump, Special 3D air cell seat pad.


Full Description

LONG LASTING COMFORT: this air inflatable seat cushion provides excellent lumbar support which can help to disperse pressure from sitting up to 80% which is proven to reduce aches and pains, and supporting your hip and back all whilst supporting your posture
ORTHOPEDIC COCCYX PAIN RELIEF SEAT CUSHION: specially designed with a hollow center, this air seat cushion is great for people with hemorrhoids, prostatitis, or Pregnant Women. beyond that, it promotes proper spine alignment, helps you relieve lower back, coccyx, sciatica, joint pain, improves blood circulation to reduce leg pain.
FRESH AND BREATHABLE AIR SEAT CUSHION: our inflatable seat cushion is designed with 34 large plump 3D air cells covered with breathable Lycra fabric, it maximizes air circulation, when one cell is compressed the air flows to other cells around it. Therefore reducing heat transfer and that uncomfortable sitting feeling and preventing sedentary sweating
TAKE IT EVERYWHERE: SUNFICON inflatable air seat pillow is easy to pump and portable to take. It fits every car seat, wheelchair,office chair or computer chair, home chair or public transportation seat such as the airplane, metro, bus, and train.
MADE TO LAST: this air chair pad is durable and adjustable. It’s easy to reach your desired inflation level, 70%, 80%, or even fully pumped, it’s your comfort and your choice. supporting up to 286lbs, the silica gel grip keeps your seat cushion where you want it to be and the top things off the air pockets are made from eco-friendly TPU materials. Your posture will thank you for your purchase.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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