Amethyst Quartz

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Amethyst Quartz




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25mm diameter clear Neo-Walk walking stick with inset bubbles.


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25mm diameter clear Neo-Walk walking stick with inset bubbles.
In the sunlight this walking stick sparkles like stars captured inside a glass bottle.
It’s fun and unique, like a healing amethyst crystal, for serenity and balance, this stick dazzles and is such a refreshing change.

If you prefer some cushioning for your wrists and fingers, you can add the gel cushioned rubber grip to your stick, available in 5 different colours. Adding extra reassurance while you walk and a bed of roses for you hands. Please note the grip is added when I make the stick and cannot be removed.

Amethyst Quartz can also come with our new super sleek and stylish clear T Handle, which very cleverly screws onto the end of the rod. Enjoy the style with no shortage of comfort. Designed by Lyndsay just for you.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Lyndsay and the team now make and send beautiful acrylic walking sticks all over the world. With customers in over 20 countries, the word is spreading about their gorgeous handmade walking sticks.
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