August Smart Lock

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August Smart Lock




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Secure, keyless entry with your smartphone.


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Unlock the power of a smart lock.
Ever forget or lose your keys? Wonder if you locked the door on your way out? Or go all the way home just to let someone in? August Smart Locks take any worry out of getting into your home. Use our top-rated app to control your door to unlock/lock, grant guest access, see who came and left, and let anyone in from anywhere*. Simply attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door – your outside door lock stays the same and you keep your existing keys.

Auto-Lock + Auto-Unlock
Set automatically to lock when you leave – immediately or up to 30 minutes after. Auto-Unlock recognizes you when you arrive and unlocks the door as you approach. With hands full of suitcases, bikes, or groceries, don’t worry about juggling your keys.

Full control with smartphone + Apple Watch
Your smartphone or Apple Watch is now your key. Lock and unlock your door with a simple tap. The August app works with iOS and Android devices.

Lock and unlock your door from wherever you are – right from the comfort of your smartphone.

Remote Access
Maintain full control of your door lock from anywhere. Lock, unlock, and check the status of your door lock from everywhere. Never worry about your deliveries left out on the porch or your parents stuck waiting outside for you to get home.

Guest Keys
With the August app, grant guests access for minutes, hours, days or more. Set up a recurring access or a single occurrence. Allow people you trust like babysitters, dog walkers, house cleaners, or extended family let themselves in and out of your home. No more copies of keys floating out there.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Its mission is to make our customer's lives more simple and secure by offering unprecedented visibility and control over their front door. Their products, services, and partnerships deliver smarter home access that keeps the bad guys out and let the good guys in.
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