August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock




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Compact. Convenient. Amazingly Powerful.


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Its mission is to make our customer's lives more simple and secure by offering unprecedented visibility and control over their front door. Their products, services, and partnerships deliver smarter home access that keeps the bad guys out and let the good guys in.
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Full Description

The number one smart lock, now even better.
Upgrade your deadbolt with the all-new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.
Remotely lock or unlock the door, check door status, grant virtual guest keys, and see who’s coming and going. Or use your favorite voice assistant to control your door. Our smart lock is easy to install and attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door so you can keep your original keys. And with built-in Wi-Fi, our lock requires no additional bridge to connect.

Connection made simple
Our smart lock requires no additional hardware to connect to Wi-Fi, so you get full voice and remote access functionality without the fuss. It’s set and go.

Compact design
Simple, clean design to fit any home’s style. Stunningly beautiful. Amazingly powerful. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock does more with less.

Easy install
Intuitive design attaches right to the existing lock on the inside of your door – so you can continue to use your existing keys. Renter friendly with minimal assembly.

A smarter way to come and go.
With August door locks, you won’t believe what your door can do. Experience a front door that locks after you leave and unlocks when you approach. You have the power with the August app from your phone or Apple Watch.

Auto-Lock automatically secures your front door once it’s closed or after a specified amount of time, for up to 30 minutes. Enjoy peace-of-mind never worrying if your door is locked

Your phone or watch is your key.
Control and manage your door with the August app on any iOS or Android smartphone – or use your Apple watch to come and go. Setup takes minutes and functionality is simple with the August app.

Remote Access
Experience August’s powerful benefits of a key that works everywhere. With the August app, remotely let Mom in when she arrives early or secure your door if the kids forgot to lock when leaving.

Guest Keys
Manage access to your home from anywhere. Send secure keys to friends, family, or people you trust instantly, all from the August app. Never hide keys again or worry who has a copy.

Activity Feed
See exactly what time guests and loved ones enter and leave your home, with August’s Activity Feed right on your app. Feel confident knowing when the teens are home and exactly when the dog walker took Lucy for a stroll.

It’s more than a Smart Lock. It’s peace of mind.
At August, our mission is to make our customers’ lives simpler and more secure. We believe data privacy and security is just as important as the physical security of your home. From data encryption to mandatory two-factor authentication and securing your lock – we’ve got your back.


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