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Base Price

The Bentley is a 20° no-knee-rise tilt chair that is ideal for foot propelling. It is available with the rugged steel frame suitable for high tone/agitated users and now also with the lightweight aluminum frame weighing only 33 lbs.


Cognitive Abilities

For safe independent use, users must understand cause + effect (action = result). Independent use requires directional understanding (i.e. moving the wheels in one direction results in matching chair movement), problem solving (i.e. combine + time movements to get from A to B), and judgment (ability to learn that if something is unsafe they should not do it).

Functional Abilities

Users must have sufficient vision, trunk control and enough upper extremity grip, strength and stamina to steer and/or propel the chair. For foot propulsion, users must also have functional use of at least one lower extremity. Their adjustable foot and armrests and seat position make them appropriate for users requiring minimal positioning. This chair may not be appropriate for those with visual deficits, uncontrolled seizures, bilateral upper extremity weakness and those with poor trunk control.


Standard wheelchairs can be used both indoors and outdoors. They perform best on firm, flat surfaces such as pavement, groomed footpaths, cycle paths and in and around home. While it can be used outdoors, they not intended to be used on rough terrain, slopes, loose gravel, or sand. Their relatively small turn radius makes them appropriate for indoor use where space is limited.


Their maneuverability and small turn radius make standard wheelchairs ideal for use in tight spaces (stores, elevators, public washrooms, public transit etc.). While they can be used outdoors, they are best for activities done on flat level surfaces like urban sightseeing or sidewalk commuting.

Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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PDG Mobility
PDG Mobility is a privately owned, award-winning company that is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With over 20 years of experience, PDG has become a global leader in designing and manufacturing manual positioning wheelchairs. These wheelchairs tilt to provide users with improved posture, function, and skin protection. PDG’s innovative chair designs deliver enhanced quality of life to users and caregivers. Long product life, adjustability, and durability create value for all stakeholders, and PDG Mobility’s expertise in positioning wheelchairs ensures an excellent fit every time, no matter how basic or complex the requirements of the chair are.
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Funding Sources
ADP (Assistive Devices Program) Ontario
ADP is Ontario's Assistive Devices funding program.

Product Code: WMA5MV005
Covered Price: C$ 2,110
Category: Mobility Devices – Wheelchair (Manual) – Adult Manual Dynamic Tilt Wheelchair

Full Description

Ideal for frail individuals with limited stamina who wish to maintain independent mobility. The optional long-frame version is ideal for individuals with high agitation.

The Bentley is a Manual Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair designed to offer up to 20° of tilt from the front of the seat, making it an excellent choice for postural positioning and allowing the user to keep their feet on the ground even while the chair is tilted. With a short wheelbase and easy foot and hand propulsion in tilt position, the Bentley is truly designed to provide the benefits of tilt with mobility independence.


  • Adjustable seat to floor height
  • Transit-ready option
  • Maneuverable short wheelbase
  • Shock absorbers for maximum comfort and protection
  • Rugged construction ideal for heavy-duty use
  • Improves posture and prevents sliding forward out of the wheelchair
  • Excellent access to rear wheels for effortless propulsion
  • Adjusts to fit individual needs
  • Lots of options available


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