BodiLink® Lateral Trunk Support

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BodiLink® Lateral Trunk Support




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The Comfort Bodilink Lateral Support Pads have been designed with the body’s shape in mind and feature rounded edges to improve comfort.


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The Comfort Bodilink Lateral Support Pads have been designed with the body’s shape in mind and feature rounded edges to improve comfort. The Bodilink Lateral Pads can be mounted with either GT or GT2 hardware;

– The GT mounting hardware series provides a simple, low cost option, using a positive-locking gear teeth design

– The GT2 series provides an industry leading combination of adjustment capabilities and strength with a modular link system with spring-loaded gear tooth joints

The Anatomically designed Bodilink pads offers more natural positioning and greater surface contact and molded foam is used to prevent breakdown, reducing patient risk. Pads are available in 6 sizes, in both basic and premium grades and in moldable/rigid and supportive/active versions, providing 48 options to fit any user.

Basic pads are available with both Comfort-Tek and Stretch-Air covers. Premium pads are available without a cover or with a Comfort-Tek, Stretch-Air or Glidewear cover. Premium Pads are also available with an extra foam layer for a non-zeroing, soft feel.

Pad Cover types are as follows:
GlideWear – For Skin Protection and Shear Reduction, not fluid resistant
Comfort-Tek – Fluid Protection and Easily Cleanable Surface
Stretch-Air – Air Transmission and Heat Dissipation


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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