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The active movement splint and physical therapy device for knee and hip joints. One product – many advantages and a convincing therapy concept.


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The active movement splint and physical therapy device for knee and hip joints. One product – many advantages and a convincing therapy concept.


– Cruciate ligament ruptures
– Replacement osteotomies
– Knee and hip prostheses
– Reconstructive interventions on menisci and articular cartilage
– After hip / knee ASK in combination with synovectomy
– Retropatellar damage

Functional result
The significant reduction in proprioceptive deficit by CAMOped physical therapy device has been proven by a study. The proprioceptive effect of CAMOped is shown in the study by Friemert B., et al: CP vs. CPM in the follow-up treatment for VKB replacement plastic, Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm (2001) proven. The functional stability and the compensation of the proprioceptive deficit can be achieved more easily and time-saving with CAMOped .

Cost savings with CAMOped
The CAMOped physical therapy device enables gentle movement experience at an early stage (senses of position, movement and strength are addressed). As a result, the patient is able to actively participate in his regeneration and is more mobile again more quickly.

Happy patients
The patient can also practice in the hospital on weekends or on public holidays if there is no other treatment. In addition, he is able to actively participate in regaining the functional stability of his knee joint every day at home and thus optimally complement physiotherapy. The patient thus actively contributes to the success of the treatment.

In CAMOped is a rental product which is not easily disposed of at the end of each rental. The orthosis is reprocessed through a complex procedure so that a CAMOped can be reused. This process saves resources, protects the environment and secures jobs in Germany in the long term.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Oped Medical
OPED stands for innovative medical products, comprehensive therapy concepts and fresh impulses in medical technology. The personal care of our customers is as much a concern to us as the accompaniment of the patients until their complete recovery.
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Medicare (DME MAC)
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