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Arrange safe access for care providers


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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FocusCura helps people stay independent for longer and to remain in control. They do that by developing healthcare innovations in two areas: "Virtual Homecare" and "Hospital to Home". Smart products and services, so that people can continue to receive the care that they need.
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Arrange safe access for care providers
Living at home independently for as long as possible, even with limited mobility: With cKey, clients can rest assured that home care workers and other health care professionals can enter their home when necessary. A key safe, an electronic door opener, or a central solution makes access safe and easy.

Easy access
A solution for all door types
The client determines who has access
Continuous access or at certain times
Secure in your home
According to European regulations
More time for health care
Faster home access
Fits any budget
An individual solution for every client
Full service
From installation to customer service

Living at home safely
With cKey, clients can determine who can enter their home at any given time, without having to go to the door. They can also see who entered their home and at what time. It’s reassuring to know that care workers, family members, or even the family doctor can enter their home in the event of an emergency and that they’ll maintain full control and independence.

Assurance that a caregiver or caregiver can enter
Quick home access in an emergency

Easy access for home health care professionals
Home health care professionals no longer have to carry their clients’ keys with them or search for them in agreed-upon hiding places. They can now easily enter a home or a building by entering a PIN code on an SKG-certified key safe or by using an app to unlock the door. The app registers all entries in a special management platform.

Management platform for registering the entrance of authorized employees
Burglar-resistant key safe or electronic door opener

Full service
All cKey solutions are delivered as an all-in service, including installation and maintenance. We also have a repair service available 24/7.

Including installation and maintenance
Service desk for clients and caregivers


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