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Compass is an innovative, flexible, and robust software AAC solution. Compass is an AAC software solution that offers a full-breadth of pre-stored communication, built-in supports and many other tools for communication and support.


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Pre-loaded on Tobii devices

Compass is the innovative, flexible, and robust software solution that
empowers individuals with complex communication needs

Communicate with Confidence
Ask for what you want to eat or drink, ask questions, and say what’s on your mind. These are not luxuries but the things you need others to hear and understand. Let Tobii Dynavox Compass give you the confidence that comes through clear communication.

  •  A full-breadth of pre-stored communication – symbols, pictures, words, and phrases – supporting everyday conversations about mealtime, activities, & needs.
  •  Additional built-in supports such as Behavior Supports and Scripts help you successfully navigate through daily activities and conversations.
  •  All new tools in Compass, including new Pagesets, communication Topics, and vocabulary, help to increase communication efficiency and speed. And, over 1400 * High-contrast symbols have been added to help individuals with low vision or visual impairments.

Cognitive Abilities

This device is appropriate for people who want or need to communicate with the world around them. For independent use, individuals must understand that words and actions have impact. Given the ability to access the internet, supervised use is recommended for children and individuals unable to appreciate the permanency of their digital communication.

Functional Abilities

This device is designed for people with enough trunk and limb control to tap a screen, operate a switch scan or head mouse or use a keyboard with or without keyguards. Users with limited or no vision require sufficient hearing to compensate with available audio feedback.


This device is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


Aside from communicating basic wants and needs, this device is designed with the user’s social agenda in mind. Its perfect for reading books, playing games, watching sports/Netflix, and connecting with friends and family via email, and social media. Its portability makes it ideal for school, travel, and daily outings like shopping and dining out.

Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Tobii Dynavox
Tobii Dynavox specializes in Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Their range of products span software and hardware designed to enable people with disabilities communicate effectively through touch screen or eye-control.
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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I go out and use it. it helps a lot. I’m still learning, but It’s really good.

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