Digital Wall Clock

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Digital Wall Clock




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Extra Large Stylish Home Decor, Made to Fit Your Easy Life ALL IN ONE — CALENDAR, DAY CLOCK, ALARM CLOCK, WALL / DESK / BEDROOM / NIGHTSTAND CLOCK, USB CHARGER, TEMPERATURE, all functions are in need for daily life.


Full Description

Specially Designed for table ,wall, bedside decoration. extra large Clock with 11.5″ read-out on the wall in the living room for every family member, featuring with indoor temperature, makes your daily life easier.
Best gift for elderly and dementia patients, enable them to clearly read what day of the week today and what time it is now.
Three alarms are easily set and will be very useful for those who decide to use the clock on a bedside table. It can be used as a bedside alarm clock or mounted on the wall.
It delivers unmatched contrast and clarity for remarkable visibility even at distances of 15 feet, perfect for viewing from across the room.
Main Features:

– Clean, modern look, Very intuitive to setup – simple alarm clock without instructions were needed at all

– Battery operated digital clock with date and time and 11.5 inch Display,Very large, easy to read time/date/temperature

– Digital wall clock with temperature shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

– 5 brightness levels allows you to have this in the bedroom and sleep without disturbing glare

– Volume is completely adequate and each alarm can be set with a separate volume

– Alarms of the elderly clock can be setup for either: Everyday, Mon-Fri, or Sat-Sun

– There is a daylight savings button for easy changes when daylight savings time starts/ends

– Top button functions as both Snooze and Dimmer – Dual USB Chargers on the alarm

– Mount on the wall as a calendar day clock or put it on nightstand as a bedroom clock

– Battery CR2032 backup your alarm and time settings in case of power outages

– Large digital clock with 24 H or 12 H settings for time

MON-FRI, SAT-SUN, Everyday—–Three Alarms Settings & Adjustable Ringer
You can setup 2 separate alarms for the weekdays and weekends, enjoy happy weekends by sleep extra time, and still have the ability to setup a 1-time use alarm without losing the recurring weekday alarms.

The adjustable alarm volume on it can get pretty loud, which is a great loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers, ringer is not fuzzy noise as the average calendar clock.

Additionally, when alarm goes off, it will sound gradually from average alarm volume to be louder, won’t scare you from sweet dream.

Nice Extra — Indoor Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit )
Indoor temperature is a great addition to the piece and registers almost same as thermometer.Indoor Temperature Range: 32˚F to 122˚F (0˚C to 50˚C), designed two options to easily change from fahrenheit to centigrade as your individual.
Mount on the wall as a calendar clock, keep this digital clock on your nightstand or bedside table, even if 12 feet from the clock you can easily read the time, day, date and temperature.

5 Intensity levels allows you to have this in the bedroom and sleep without disturbing glare
Simply press the ”DIMMER” button of the seniors clock and readjust it in any time of the day.

No matter if you like ultra-bright, slightly bright or moderately bright display of the time,

you can easily adjust the brightness of the dimmer alarm clock.

The digital clock with day offers versatility and ultimate options to satisfy your sleeping and every day needs.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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