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Time and again, research has shown the necessity of good toileting for children’s health. So we designed the HTS with that in mind. Hygienic, simple and affordable, the HTS promotes the positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile its versatility and simplicity – usable on, over and off the toilet, no tools required – make the lives of caregivers better too.


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The special needs Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System) provides positioning for essential bathroom activities from toileting to showering. It is designed to be simple, yet versatile at home, school or in facility bathrooms. The positioning options on the Rifton HTS allow you to pick and choose the amount of support needed. With the Rifton HTS, caregiver’s backs will no longer be hurting from transfers in and out of multiple pieces of equipment within the bathroom.

The Rifton HTS, paired with different options and/or accessories, has been designed with several configurations to meet most bathroom positioning needs.

On The Toilet: Choose from two Mounting Bar styles to match your type of toilet to have the Rifton HTS attach directly to the toilet. The Mounting Bar will stay attached to the toilet and Rifton HTS simply and securely clicks into the Mounting Bar only when it is needed.
Over The Toilet: Select either a Stationary Base or a Mobile Base to place the Rifton HTS over the toilet only when needed. The Mobile Base will allow you to keep the user in the Rifton HTS to move from one room to another or to move directly into a shower.
Off The Toilet: Select either a Stationary Base or a Mobile Base, along with the Commode Pan, to place the Rifton HTS as a commode in whatever room it is needed. Again, the Mobile Base will allow you to keep the user in the Rifton HTS to move from one room to another or to move directly into a shower.
Shower Chair: A Mobile Base with Tilt-in-Space for the Rifton HTS makes showering a more pleasant experience, helping to keep water and soap out of the user’s face. The Tilt-in-Space also helps water to drain off the body and the Rifton HTS. And from a positioning point of view, the Tilt-in-Space helps keep users secure in the chair if they don’t have independent head and trunk control.
Portable Toileting Chair: The Portability Base Accessory with Carry Bag is a great option for users that travel, whether around town or on a vacation. The Rifton HTS seat on the Portability Base provides consistent positioning to help with the voiding process. It also eliminates contact with public toilets. The Carry Bag holds the seat, the base along with most accessories.
In addition to its versatility, each size of the Rifton HTS has the potential for at least 5 years of growth. This feature helps the Rifton HTS last longer for each user and also makes it flexible for use by many users in a school or facility setting. The Rifton HTS adjusts without tools and can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or a solution of up to 10% bleach.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Rifton began in 1977 as an offshoot of Community Playthings, a leading manufacturer of furniture and equipment for early childhood settings. When one of the designers paid a neighborly visit to a Connecticut home for children with disabilities, a therapist asked if they could custom-build a chair for one of their residents. In the next months similar requests trickled in, and before long designers and workers at Community Playthings were dreaming about an entirely different and new line of equipment. And so Rifton Equipment began. Those same early years saw a growing sensitivity in society to people with special needs. Americans increasingly recognized every person’s right to be treated with dignity and respect. At Rifton, they believe people with disabilities deserve their best.
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