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Jazzy Air® 2



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At the touch of a switch, the Jazzy Air® 2 elevates 12” in just 11 seconds. With a sleek, more modern look, this power chair safely drives at speeds up to 4 mph while elevated, allowing users to enjoy face-to-face social engagement.


Full Description

The new Jazzy Air 2 builds on the success of its revolutionary predecessor, offering true social mobility by allowing you to drive at 4 mph while fully elevated – so you can enjoy face-to-face social engagement whilst driving. The Jazzy base features Mid-Wheel 6 Drive for outstanding manoeuvrability and stability, as well as Active-Trac Suspension for outdoor performance, giving you a versatile and comfortable chair that can take you anywhere.

Seating and lifter

The twelve inch seat riser is the key feature on the Jazzy Air 2 – at the touch of a button, the seat will fully elevate in just 11 seconds, thanks to the compact and modern lifting mechanism. Crucially, you can then drive safely at full speed while completely elevated, a brisk walking pace of 4 mph, allowing you to interact at eye level while out and about. Other powerchairs with risers are restricted to a slow crawl when fully raised, with the exception of some high-end and significantly more expensive prescriptive powerchairs that are well over double the cost.

The Jazzy Air features a high back sport captain’s seat, available in three seat widths and with adjustable seat depth to provide a good fit. The four-position headrest is height adjustable, and the armrests can be adjusted for width. While the seating doesn’t offer the tailored fit of a prescriptive powerchair, the Jazzy Air 2 nonetheless can provide a much better fit than basic “one size fits all” powerchairs, and the contoured and well-padded seat is comfortable for regular use – plus can be reclined for a more relaxed position. One issue with the original Jazzy Air was that the lowest seat height was relatively high – making it hard to get under desks or tables, and tricky for short people to get onto the seat – this is now 5 cm lower on the Jazzy Air 2, fully resolving this issue and letting you sit comfortably at standard height tables.

Power base

Mid-wheel drive offers exceptional stability, as well as allowing the Jazzy Air 2 to literally spin on the spot – great for manoeuvring around indoors or when in shops, and giving a turning circle of just 22.5″. The Active-Trac Suspension makes the Air more than capable outdoors, able to handle slopes and uneven ground, while providing you with a smooth ride.

Stylish front and rear LED lights allow for greater visibility when driving, and complement the sleek and modern shroud, which is available in your choice of red, blue, pink, yellow, black, white and silver.

Transport and storage

While the Jazzy Air 2 is not currently crash-tested, meaning it cannot be used for occupied transport in a vehicle, it is nonetheless a good option for hoisting into a car if the wheelchair user is able to sit in a normal car seat. It is simple to hoist, and the seat back folds flat to minimise the height of the chair, letting it fit in lower-roofed vehicles.

The Air 2 also features a convenient safe storage box underneath the seat, the ideal place to keep a phone, keys or wallet when driving.


The Jazzy Air 2 isn’t majorly different to the original Jazzy Air, but offers a refinement of it – a lower seat height for easier access, a higher riser with a new smoother mechanism, increased top speed when elevated, and a new storage compartment. It remains a unique product – there isn’t another powerchair out there allowing you to drive at this speed when elevated, without spending over twice as much on a prescriptive model. Pride’s marketing for the Jazzy Air range is that it provides “social mobility”, which really sums up what the Jazzy Air 2 offers – the opportunity to socialise with others at eye level, while going about your daily life.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Cognitive Abilities

For safe use, users must understand cause + effect (action = result). Independent use requires directional understanding (i.e. moving control in one direction results in matching chair movement), problem solving (i.e. plan + coordinate movements to get from A to B), and judgment (ability to learn that if something is unsafe they should not do it).

Functional Abilities

Users must have adequate vision and be able to use either a joystick, head/tray array, breath control or a combination control. This chair is best for people with upper limb weakness/pain, poor trunk control, limited endurance, cardiopulmonary disease, and obesity. This chair may be unsafe for those with visual deficits and uncontrolled seizures.


Mid wheel drive power chairs have the smallest turn circumference of the power chair types and are better suited for indoor use where space is limited. This chair can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, because the centre of rotation is directly under the user, they can be less stable than other power chair types on uneven terrain.


Given its small turning circumference relative to other power chairs, this chair would be best for indoor activities like shopping, dining in restaurants, visiting art galleries and museums, and going to work or school. If using outside, activities done on flat level surfaces would be best.


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