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Durable and compact, the knee scooter has an updated design for exceptional stability and additional comfort. The scooter is easily maneuvered and can be used indoors or outdoors with confidence. Knee platform can be adjusted, stability and support.


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Knee Scooter

Durable and compact, the knee scooter has an updated design for exceptional stability and additional comfort. The scooter is easily maneuvered and can be used indoors or outdoors with confidence.

Great Alternative to Crutches:

The design provides mobility for those recovering from injury or PCL surgery of the foot, ankle or lower leg. Exceptionally stable, the steerable scooter rolls smoothly over indoor and outdoor surfaces. A convenient storage bag securely attaches to the scooter to easily carry essential items.

Maximum Stability and Control:

Four, 8-inch polyurethane wheels provide an exceptionally stable base for easy maneuverability both indoors and out. Dual rear disk brakes provide superior stability and control. Lightweight and durable, the steel scooter is fully adjustable. Folding in two points, the steering column and the midpoint of the base, the scooter is easily stored and transported. The knee platform can be adjusted between 19”-23.5”. The steering handle is also adjustable in 1” increments ranging from 33.5” to 41.5” to comfortably fit most individuals.

Contoured Foam Knee Pad:

Providing extra stability and comfortable support, the foam knee cushion is contoured to cradle the leg. The foam cushion allows weight to be evenly distributed across the knee platform and supplies better air circulation for a comfortable user experience.

What’s Included:

Vive Mobility Knee Scooter
Removable Storage Bag

Cognitive Abilities

Device users must be able to understand the environment and their relationship to it. Intact spatial awareness allows users to safely navigate their surroundings without bumping into people and objects and adjust their speed/use their breaks as needed (on inclines, uneven surfaces etc.). This device is not recommended for people with balance and/or visuospatial perceptual disorders.

Functional Abilities

Independent use of this device requires functional use of both arms. While users can have reduced strength, they must be able to grip with their hands and have purposeful movement in their arms. Users must also have strength in both legs and be able to walk independently. This device is appropriate for people who can balance, but need a place to sit frequently for breaks, or need help carrying necessities.


Four wheeled rollators can be used both indoors and outdoors. Devices with wheels that are greater than 8” in diameter are better for rough terrain. Smaller wheels can be used outdoors, but function better on smooth and level surfaces.


This device is intended to compensate for and improve restricted walking (range and/or mobility). It is ideal for activities that have limited access to seating for breaks (outdoor walks/shopping) or require the user to carry multiples objects while walking (shopping/running errands). Their front swivel wheels provide excellent maneuverability indoors and in smaller spaces like elevators and public washrooms.

Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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