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Liberator Wedge




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Way more than just a pillow, the Liberator wedge has been perfectly designed to make all sorts of sex positions easier, more comfortable and oh-so satisfying.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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The Wedge is one of the most popular products available from Liberator – an American company who create ‘Bedroom Adventure Gear’. Its sloping shape can be used to support the body in all sorts of sexual positions. Under the hips it allows for deeper penetration in missionary or allows you to relax your upper body, supporting you during doggy-style or anal sex. It can also be used to create better access and lift during oral sex or be tucked under the legs to add oomph to your thrusts.

While we think almost everyone would be surprised how much of a difference the Wedge can make to their sex life, it is also a fantastic positioning aid for disabled people whose movement is limited or those experience join paint or fatigue during sex. It provides secure lift and support, which you just don’t get from a traditional pillow.

Made from high density foam, the Liberator Wedge, supports the body without sinking and will stay in place wherever you want it. It’s removable, machine washable cover is made from microfiber which feels amazing against bare skin. Under the cover there is also a moisture-resistant liner, which protects the foam from any messes. Well made and durable as well as elegant, the Liberator Wedge is easy to store, although its subtle design means you may not even need to hide it away!

Our Tip: This is the toy you never knew you needed until you try it! Explore and adventure, try out new things and revolutionise old things with the addition of the Liberator Wedge.

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