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Maestro Rehab lessens the pull of gravity on a patient’s arms, allowing them to work longer without fatigue. With industry-leading range of motion, Maestro helps return freedom to patients with injuries and neuromuscular challenges.


Cognitive Abilities

This device requires the user to have intact spatial awareness, or an ability to understand how they relate to objects, people, and surroundings at home or out in the community. For example, the user needs to know how far to reach for objects or how to position themselves relative to something or someone they wish to interact with.

Functional Abilities

This device is intended to return near full-rang of motion for people with upper arm weakness preventing them from raising their hand(s) above their head. Users must be, at a minimum, able to grasp objects with hands and, at max, raise a full water bottle to their mouth (Cliniccal note: ideal for clients scoring 3-5 (Brooke UE Scale) and Level of Function 2 (Chedoke-McMaster Stroke Asses.).


When attached to a wheelchair, this device is intended to be used both indoors and outdoors.


This device is intended to be used for a broad range of activities. By augmenting the user’s available upper arm function, it can be used for almost any activity the user wants or needs to do including: playing with pets, handshaking, shaving, shopping, cellphone/tablet use, unlocking and opening doors, holding books while reading, dining and more.

Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Full Description

Each Maestro Rehab unit comes standard with dual arms for a balanced recovery. By lessening the pull of gravity on a patient’s weakened limbs, Maestro allows them to work longer through each session to help achieve faster results. With industry-leading range of motion, Maestro helps return mobility, freedom and independence to patients with injuries and neuromuscular challenges. Each Maestro Rehab unit is attached to a rolling frame, giving the therapist the freedom to move the arms around the office. The wide base fits most wheelchairs, allowing the patient to easily access the device. The optional folding workstation is a great addition for smaller clinics. The worktable can be used for activities during therapy sessions, an extra work area for therapists or folded away when not in use.


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