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Leckey Mygo Stander in Supine Position
Designed to provide a convenient and all-inclusive solution to support children and teens through the comfortable and natural process of standing at home, in therapy, or during school.


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The Leckey Mygo Stander Package allows those that can’t stand on their own to receive the numerous benefits of standing while still remaining secure and safe. Instead of being in a wheelchair for extended periods of time, below the eye level of most peers, the Mygo Stander encourages the child to interact with friends and family and engage in a range of activities. The versatile design of this stander allows users to stand in prone, supine, and upright positions for improved ease of use and patient accommodation.

Prone standing provides front (anterior) support and encourages weight bearing and use of the arms. Upright standing is for users that have more developed balance and trunk control. Supine standing supports the back of the body and tilts the user at an angle upwards to promote some weight bearing and control of the trunk and head while providing support. Standing has been shown to improve muscle growth and bone development, increase respiration and voice control, as well as to stimulate circulation. These benefits are crucial for physical and cognitive development in children and young adults, making the Mygo Stander System the ideal solution for users who cannot stand independently.

The Mygo Stander can be adjusted from vertical to 10 degrees from horizontal to meet a range of needs and preferences. The Mygo Stander can also allow up to 25 degree fixed hip and knee contractures.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Funding Sources
ADP (Assistive Devices Program) Ontario
ADP is Ontario's Assistive Devices funding program.

Product Code: AA0000692
ADP Category: Mobility Devices – Ambulation Aids – Paediatric Standing Frame Type 2
ADP Covered Price: CA$ 3,285


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