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The Premier Adjustable Bed is Flex-A-Bed’s top of the line, high quality adjustable bed. With a variety of sizes and mattress types available, the Premier is sure to perfectly accommodate every user for ultimate comfort. Instead of tossing and turning all night to find a comfortable position, users can adjust the Premier to fit their body in their favorite position. Its quiet motor and easy to use remote control allow the Premier Adjustable Bed to provide users with a full, restful night’s sleep, with no waking up sore and tired. Choose from innerspring, memory foam, or latex mattresses for the best level of comfort.


Full Description

Close your eyes and envision what it’s like to spend the entire day feeling refreshed, energized and relaxed. Imagine finding relief from the symptoms of an injury or ailment. If you’ve been dreaming about discovering this kind of comfort in a bed, consider the Flex-A-Bed Premier.

Ordinary beds require you to twist and turn, trying to get comfortable. But the Flex-A-Bed Premier adjusts to fit your body with the effortless touch of our convenient and easy-to-use remote control. This precise support takes the strain off back muscles so you’ll instantly feel the comfort that brings on a restful, relaxing sleep.

The Flex-A-Bed Premier sets the standard for comfort and convenience in an adjustable bed. Every amenity Flex-A-Bed offers can be added to the Premier model. This fully customizable bed can be designed and built in hundreds of configurations so that your specific needs are fulfilled.

Every Premier comes with:

  •  a lifetime, limited warranty
  •  your choice of one-touch wireless or wired controls.
  • whisper-quiet Linak½® motors with optional, dual timed massage.
  • an 8 inch foundation profile, high-density, heavy duty padded base
  • made with Advantech½® material that will not warp, break or squeak.
  • If you plan to add side rails, the Premier must be ordered with a 4 inch foundation profile.
  •  a mattress retainer cover for the foot of the bed.
  • locking casters to prevent unwanted bed movement.
  • the ability to attach to existing headboards.
  • a Premier mattress featuring a beautiful knit fabric quilt panel
  • with a tack and jump pattern and a suede border with designer taped edges. It is thicker and more luxurious than ever before.
  • Choose from soft, medium or firm construction.
  •  Mattresses are also available in low profile, gel-infused memory foam, memory foam, latex, or combination innerspring/memory foam.

The Flex-A-Bed Premier is available in twin, full, queen, dual queen, king, dual king, and California king “½in 74, 80 and 84 inch lengths.

The height of the Flex-A-Bed Premier comes standard at 23 inches and can be lowered to 21 inches by removing the casters. The height of each bed can also be raised in 1 inch increments from 2 to 7 inches with optional leg extensions.

Mattress Types
Our Premier mattress features a beautiful knit fabric quilt panel with a suede border and designer taped edges. The plush, multi-layered, quilted cushion-tops are made with hi-density super-soft polyurethane foam and flame resistant polyester fiber, while the bottom layers are protected by a non-skid material that prevents the mattress from sliding across the adjustable foundation and provides a flame-resistant barrier. Our mattresses are thicker and more luxurious than ever before.

Select from four construction options:

Low Profile
The Low Profile mattress is an all-foam mattress. The mattress has a height of 5 inches.

Our traditional innerspring mattresses are available in soft, medium and firm.

Every Innerspring mattress features:
a high-density comfort-layer constructed of a polyurethane foam pad.
an innerspring unit that is innerbonded to insure durability, superb tailoring, maximum support and comfort.

Memory Foam Combo
We combine the traditional support of innerspring with the luxury of memory foam.

Every Memory Foam Combo mattress features:
a Visco memory foam comfort layer.
an innerspring unit that is innerbonded to insure durability, superb tailoring, maximum support and comfort.

Memory Foam Core
“Melt”½ into a memory foam mattress that cradles every curve and pressure point on your body.

Every memory foam mattress features:
a Visco memory foam comfort layer.
a polyurethane foam core.

The Visco core is laminated to the polyurethane foam to create a solid core.

Latex Core
Our natural latex provides the soft feel and dynamic support of a luxurious, custom-molded mattress.

Every Latex mattress features:
a 100% natural rubber latex core constructed with a talalay latex.
a polyurethane foam core.

The latex core is laminated to the polyurethane foam to create a solid core.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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