Prone Stander with Mobility

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Prone Stander with Mobility




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The Rifton Prone Standers assist the user with physical development and better social interaction, helping clients experience the world while also building strength for the future. Easily adjustable, the Rifton Prone Standers can be adjusted to any desired height.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Built for height adjustments, the Rifton Prone Stander with Mobility accommodates and grows with your client, providing a longer lasting and usable device. Available in three sizes, the prone stander fits infants to adults, ensuring everyone has a chance at discovering and engaging easily in an upright position.

Equipped with the angle indicator, therapists, caregivers, and parents are supplied with a tool for accurately measuring the user’s progress in the pursuit of standing upright. Additionally, it is designed for indicating the angle in degrees, allowing for multi-user facilities to easily measure and record the user’s data.

For angle (or horizontal to vertical and vice versa) adjustments, the mobile prone stander is equipped with a hand crank, eliminating manual adjustments and saving the caregiver’s back.

With the kneeboard, users have additional support when need but it can be removed for improvement needs. For easier transfers, the Rifton Prone Stander’s footboard comes near the floor when in the vertical position. Additionally, its s-curve frame allows for the caregiver to administer therapy with ease, taking up less room than other frame styles.


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