Sex Positioning Sling

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Sex Positioning Sling




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Enhance your love life with the Sex Positioning Sling. Safe, comfortable and simple to adjust, it might just change your life.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Full Description

Contrary to many other sex swings this swing has been designed with comfort in mind, providing support for the neck and back through padded cushions.

The swing is useful for men and women with mobility problems and/or those who suffer with pain or tire easily as the swing reduces the strain of sex and allows for a multitude of positions. Also useful for pregnant women.

What’s great about this swing is that it can be adjusted WHILST the person is in it, again this is VERY different from the majority of swings. This means only one transfer is needed: no need to get in and out to adjust. It is attached by two ceiling hooks which provide more stability whilst getting in and out.

If you have a bed on wheels you can also transfer onto the sling whilst in bed and then move the bed out of the way.

So how strong is the luxury swing? Each strap will take a 940kg – that’s 134 stone per strap!! Each cam buckle will take 430 kg and all the stainless steel is 316 medical grade steel, they won’t bend – the leather is all grade 1 calve leather. So the swing can safely take up to 25 stone!

Your Sex Positioning Sling comes in its own box and is very quick and easy to install for the first time and to put up and take down when needed. Choose a place that you will enjoy love making. This can be anywhere, over your bed or in a corner of the bedroom or even the middle of the living room; the swing can be put up anywhere there is a strong beam, joist or even outdoors on a branch.


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