StrapStand Basic Adult

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StrapStand Basic Adult




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The StrapStand easily lifts you from a wheelchair, bed or seated surface into a standing position! No transfers necessary and the StrapStand offers tool free adjustments, making this a great choice for in home use as well as multiple users in a facility.


Full Description

The EasyStand StrapStand is a strap-style stander for adults from 5′ to 6’5” (152-196 cm) and up to 350 lbs (159 kg). The StrapStand can accommodate many unique needs of wheelchair users, from those with low-level spinal cord injuries to multi-user settings. The StrapStand lifts you directly from your wheelchair, bed, or other seated surface into the standing position. Benefits of the EasyStand StrapStand include:

No-transfer needed –If you are not capable of, or may not feel comfortable with transferring, you can use the StrapStand because no transfer is needed.
Over-center stretch – For specific body-types, the StrapStand can provide the maximal over-center stretch needed for the optimum standing posture.
Familiarity in nursing homes – Since it has some features similar to a patient lift, both clinical staff and patients feel more accustomed to it in an assisted living setting.
Compliance – When transfers or patient lifting are a concern for staff or caregivers, a standing program can still be practiced because transferring is not required.
The difference between the StrapStand and other strap-style standers is in the lifting design, which affects the comfort of the knees. With the EasyStand StrapStand, the lifting arms gently lift you up to standing (rather than pushing you into the kneepad) which greatly reduce the pressure on the knees.

Newly redesigned in 2011, the EasyStand StrapStand is now available with more options than ever, many that are similar to the EasyStand Evolv. The most popular option on the StrapStand continues to be the Swing-Out Legs, which are now easier to operate. With the simple shift of the lever, the caregiver can infinitely swing in/out the legs of the stander and lock them in place, similar to how they would operate legs on a patient lift.

To stand, position the lifting strap behind the hips and attach it to the lifting arms. After positioning your feet and knees, pump the manual actuator handle to lift you from your wheelchair, to the standing position.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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