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Bring your text to life with Text to Speech! Text to speech produces natural sounding synthesised text from the words that you have entered in.



This is designed to operate on a mobile phone or tablet, and therefore is portable enough to be used outside. Be careful with rain and liquids as with mobile phones.


This app is used to convert text to speech and can be used for activities such as school, work, reading for leisure, email, text messaging, browsing the internet, and more.

Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Full Description

Bring your text to life with Text to Speech! Text to speech produces natural-sounding synthesized text from the words that you have entered. With 82 different voices to choose from and the ability to adjust the rate and pitch, there are countless ways in which the synthesized voice can be adjusted.


  •  94 Different voices to choose from
  • Voices are available in 37 different languages/accents
  •  No internet required
  • The ability to adjust the pitch and rate
  • Speak as you type
  • Highlight spoken text
  • Universal app
  • Star your favorite phrases
  • Group starred phrases into folders


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