TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Speech Aid

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TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Speech Aid



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TruTone Electrolarynx Speech Aid is the only electronic speech aid with tone control in a single button. Operating on conveniently available 9 volt batteries, the TruTone speech aid is especially suited for traveling or spending hours away from home.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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Full Description

As a laryngectomee, you know how important communication can be. The ability to add expression and emotion has long been recognized as a key to “natural” speech. Now, Griffin Laboratories, through the TruToneā„¢ electronic speech aid, has developed a natural solution which will bring personality back into your voice.

Using new technology (U.S. patent secured), the TruToneā„¢ speech aid lets you fluctuate the pitch of your voice using a single pressure sensitive button. Because you keep your thumb in one place, the TruToneā„¢ speech aid is extremely easy to operate, almost instinctual. You can immediately start speaking with natural intonation once again.

Dr. Shute, a speech and language pathologist, states “Data indicate that the TruToneā„¢ electrolarynx had greater frequency range and harmonic intensity compared to the Servox electrolarynx.” Furthermore, “…findings suggest that the TruToneā„¢ device approximate normal speech more so than the Servox electrolarynx.”

Dr. Peter Watson, professor of Speech Pathology at University of MN concludes that the TruToneā„¢ electrolarynx increases intelligibility by up to 14% when used with its exclusive intonation feature! Details of the study are available here.

Powerful design for High Volume range

Now you can be heard in a crowded room! Using internal advances, Griffin Laboratories has been able to create a speech aid with the best volume range available today. Be free to set your speech aid at the high-volume range when speaking with a group. Reduce volume for normal speaking situations and take advantage of highly efficient circuitry.

Discover Independence!

Independence is the key behind the Griffin Laboratories TruToneā„¢ speech aid. Your speech aid adjusts to your lifestyle. All design aspects are focused on making your life easier — more natural.

The TruToneā„¢ speech aid is easy to operate while incorporating the highest level of performance available today. Operating on conveniently available 9 volt batteries, the TruToneā„¢ speech aid is especially suited for traveling or spending hours away from home.

**Ultimate Durability**

Quality and durability were designed into this lightweight device that will fit in the palm of your hand. Housed in the same material used in bullet proof glass, the TruToneā„¢ speech aid is highly impact and scratch resistant. Furthermore, internal components were carefully chosen and designed. Attention was placed on both performance and the ability to withstand extreme use–naturally.

After the device had been in use for years, Dr. Shute has written an article on the artificial larynx which clearly states “Speech-language therapists rated the TruToneā„¢ [Electrolarynx]…with the highest reliability,” easily above the Servox electrolarynx. Additionally, we receive countless reports from our distributors stating that our products have unmatched durability.

You Spoke, We Listened

At Griffin Laboratories we were determined to make sure that the TruToneā„¢ speech aid met the needs of your active lifestyle. Starting with design we went straight to the source, you, the laryngectomee. The TruToneā„¢ speech aid design is a result of people like you telling us what is important. You told us you wanted to sound more natural, less monotone. You wanted to be heard in a crowded room. Above all you wanted a speech-aid with modern technology. It was clear that independence in a small, lightweight instrument is important. The TruToneā„¢ speech aid is your ideal speech-aid! It is easy to operate, runs a long time on readily available batteries, and sounds more natural!

At Griffin Laboratories we understand the importance of listening. Your needs were given ultimate priority. Of the speech-aids available today, we are sure you will make the TruToneā„¢ speech aid your natural solution.


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