Wheelchair Seat Belt

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Wheelchair Seat Belt




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A washable and padded wheelchair seat belt. Easy-to-use with a quick release buckle.


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The Modudu Wheelchair Seat Belt is a quality belt that prevents sliding during the transportation of elderly, disabled, immobile & maternity patients.

Safety First! Buckle Up Before You Ride!
Designed for those suffering from spasticity, seizures, or those who are at risk to fall out of their wheelchair.

–  SIZE: The L 57 INCH x W 7 INCH
WASHABLE WHEELCHAIR STRAP: this premium wheelchair restraint belt is washable for convenience. The one-size tie down wheelchair harness is preferred among EMTs, nurses, home care specialists & those who staff nursing homes.
SOFT CUSHIONED BELT: The wheelchair seat belt tie downs combine comfort & convenience. Enhanced with cushioned padding, MODUDU wheelchair belt Adopts nylon fabric and sandwich mesh fabric with built-in pearl cotton, which is more breathable and comfortable to wear and prevents the patient’s skin from being worn while moving the patient.
QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE: Belts are intended to be used on patients who are able to remove without assistance – Not intended to be used as a restraint! Wheelchair seat belt buckle easily attaches and detaches, locking in securely, and releasing, simply, just like vehicle seat belts.


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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