Wheelchair Socks: Covers for Casters

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Wheelchair Socks: Covers for Casters




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Keep the dirt out of your house with these nifty wheelchair tire and caster covers!


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Imagine all of the disgusting stuff your wheelchair rolls through in the streets. Now imagine rolling your wheelchair in your house and over your clean floors and carpets. Not a pretty thought is it?

When an able bodied person comes home, they usually put on their slippers or take off their shoes and wear their socks to keep their house clean. Now wheelchair users can put on their socks to keep their house clean! Their Wheelchair Socks! Wheelchair Socks cover the small front caster tires of wheelchairs. Use Wheelchair Socks to keep dirt on wheelchair casters from spreading on your floors and carpets. Or use Wheelchair Socks to prevent damage and tire marks to your floors. They go on the wheelchair caster wheels in seconds either while sitting in the wheelchair or while outside the wheelchair. When they get dirty, wash them in the washing machine. Nothing could be easier.

Before ordering, measure the diameter of your wheelchair caster tire as shown in the photo in the photo gallery and order by diameter. (Width: Wheelchair Socks 3-8 inch diameter fit all wheelchair caster wheels of 1.5 inches width or less. Covers 10 inch diameter fit all caster wheels of 2 inches width or less. If your wheelchair caster tire is wider, contact us before ordering).


Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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The mission of the company is “ We don’t provide products, we help people make their lives a little bit easier“ whether it is making it easier to keep their house clean or helping them to keep dry in the rain. Its mission is shared by a lot of consumers this is the reason why today our products are used around the world.
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