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The Quickie® Xtender™ electric assist wheelchair accessory expands the range of mobility for manual wheelchair users by adding power assisted wheels to a manual frame.


Full Description

The Quickie® Xtender™ electric assist wheelchair accessory expands the range of mobility for manual wheelchair users by adding power assisted wheels to a manual frame. The Xtender increases your travel distance and propulsion efficiency and reduces overall fatigue while allowing you to maintain the look, control, and functionality of a manual wheelchair.

* MOTORIZED WHEELS: The Xtender features motorized rear wheels that increase the force you apply to the handrims. This increases your range of mobility by reducing energy expenditure by as much as 45% and decreasing the burn of fatigue. Research has also shown that the Xtender manual power assist may help reduce or even prevent the occurrence of secondary injuries to the wrists, elbows, and shoulders including Repetitive Strain Injury.
* AUTOMATIC WHEEL SYNCHRONIZATION: The Xtender’s electronically synchronized rear wheel units continually communicate with each other and adjust their speeds to facilitate smooth, straight propulsion. This helps overcome uneven arm strength to further increase propulsion efficiency, which may be particularly beneficial to users with hemiplegia, paraplegia, quadriplegia, or tetraplegia.
* QUICK-RELEASE WHEELS and EASY STORAGE: The Xtender’s quick-release wheels allow you to remove the entire wheel assembly from the wheelchair. This allows for easy transitions between traditional manual and assisted propulsion. Because the Xtender is used with manual wheelchair frames, it stores and transports just like a manual wheelchair.
* ROLLBACK PREVENTION and DOWNHILL SPEED CONTROL: The user-friendly Xtender wheelchair accessory features several functions that require zero programming, including Rollback Prevention and Downhill Speed Control. During hill climbs, Rollback Prevention maximizes your efficiency and reduces fatigue. Downhill Speed Control ensures a smooth, safe descent.

Cognitive Abilities

The Xtrender is to be used only by people with the necessary physical capabilities and healthy mental state to propell themselves in a manual wheelchair.

Functional Abilities

This device is designed for people with good upper body mobility and strength. The user must be able to propell a manual wheelchair.


This product is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The power assist allows for tight turning for cramped indoor areas. The Xtrender is weather resistant and powerful enough for long distances outdoors. It can go over moderate off-road conditions such as gravel trails and grass lawns.


This product can be used for daily activities, and anything your manual wheelchair would be subjected to on a daily basis. This device is not meant for sports, but for light daily use.

Please speak with your healthcare provider and schedule an in-person consultation before purchasing this product, to evaluate whether it is truly the best option for you.


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